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Coach Good Buddy. Hello, I am a coach, my name is Michael Morris.  I am glad you landed here ... Stress relief is the call.


Please read on ...

I am a Certified Coach in my "Coach Good Buddy" role.  I also hold a Master's Degree in Social Work (M.S.W.).  I am a practiced, licensed independent social worker (L.I.S.W.).


Described by clients as a naturally caring and empathetic person; ENFJ personality type.  Please take a personality test here!


I take a soft approach to coaching, with a good dose of "firm".  Pushing just enough ...

My Coach Good Buddy skills are informed and enhanced by my experience and involvement for 20 years in energy psychology, NLP, and guided imagery.


KNOW that I bring a lot to the table for you.

Trained to help with you overcome stress, get life balance, and reach goals.  I focus on things that REALLY matter to you.  I like to say to myself, if not now - then when ?


As a Master of Social Work (M.S.W.), I have extensively studied our (dysfunctional?) culture, family issues, and the person in relation to these.  This allows me to see things as a whole, and to think systematically for your benefit.


My skills and experience distill to deliver a true coaching experience.


Coach Good Buddy, with cartoons, doesn't take things too seriously! Stress less.  However, my mind and energies are disciplined to get you where you want to be/stress free.


I don't think anyone should be dominated by stress and anxiety, stuck in this life.


Ever notice?


A good buddy knows you and edges you to do right for you?  A buddy knows what you need , almost as if "magically".


So, never give up ... you always have another move to make, and the goal is often two steps ahead of where you decide to quit.


The key to anything is research and research.  I work hard for you, wracking my brain, so YOU can choose from viable, brainstormed plans




Baby Steps - for assured success.

^Pep talks guaranteed.


With support and accountability from my friendly/firm approach,  you can step forward to stress relief, goals and BIG calm happiness.


Coach Good Buddy.

---Certified Coach
---L.I.S.W. (Licensed Independent Social Worker) - Active.  Years as therapist to Adults, Couples & Adolescents


---M.S.W. (Master's of Social Work, Indiana University) - Families Concentration

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